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  1. Erin Kelly

    Erin joined Spilt Milk Ware in 2013 with the launch of the software that also hosts her business Spilt Milk Nannies Seattle. Erin is a recent UW speech pathology graduate who loves kids. She assists with the operation of Spilt Milk Ware and currently supports owners in the northwest, Chicago and Orange County.

  2. Alicia Goodwin

    Alicia joined the Spilt Milk community in 2011 as a stay-at-home mom who needed occasional child care. She loved the business so much that in 2013, when Erin needed new software, she offered to build it. Alicia started Spilt Milk Ware so she could recreate the software into a platform that could host many businesses like Erin's. Her goal was to lower the technical barrier and provide an affordable way for extraordinary nannies to expand upon their child care skills and start their own small businesses. Before founding Spilt Milk Ware, Alicia spent almost 7 years as a web developer at amazon.com. She graduated from Seattle University with a history degree not long after Erin was born.

  1. Paul Mariz

    Paul is a software developer who can build and fix anything in any language. I have known Paul since he worked as a distribution center project engineer at amazon.com when amazon operated only two warehouses. He spent 14 years at amazon, the last seven working on AWS, Amazon's cloud service platform. He can answer most questions, software-related or otherwise, including "what is mass spectrometry, what made the Beatles so great, and what is cultural hegemony and why does it persist." He understands artificial intelligence enough to program it to create music. Paul can also divide by zero. —Alicia

  2. Emily Raffensperger

    Emily Raffensperger is a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts. She is the kind of intuitive designer who can quickly turn vague words such as "simple, modern and primary colors" into nearly the exact vision for a website design that I had in my head but could not articulate. She is the rare combination of creative artist and meticulous engineer. Emily is currently employed as a designer at Theo Chocolate. We are very fortunate that she does occasional freelance work in her spare time. —Alicia